In one statement, the Christian Community Fellowship Church exists to bring the Kingdom of God on the earth.


We believe God has birthed our church to become:


1. A Lighthouse!

  • To fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28)
  • To declare the Gospel, which is the hope for all people
  • To minister to all people
  • To become a worship center


2. A Training Center!

  • To make disciples of all people - to follow after Jesus and develop the character of God.
  • To prepare people for the work of the ministry - to identify and train the gifting of people; to help people function in their ministry.
  • To have a school of Intercession - to identify and train intercessors.
  • To train children and youth for the ministry.


3. A Missionary Base!

  • To send out laborers to witness and serve in our local community.
  • To send out teams to pioneer churches.
  • To send out intercessors into our local community and into the nations.
  • To raise up ministry teams to go into nations and join with local churches to see God's Kingdom established.